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Wrong Word Spanish Language

Wrong word in phrase: yo pongo una alarma.
Alarma is written in App: alamra

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Hi @E_Schuster,

Thanks for playing Drops, and calling our attention to this typo!

We’ll make sure to correct it, as soon as possible!

We have released a feature, which makes it easier to report an error like this, directly from the app.
Please find the little flag icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced!


@ The Drops Support Team

Topic is still open, since Jan 16 ?? :frowning:

So sorry for the long delay @E_Schuster! We are working on fixes to be released, please stay tuned!

If you run into any other word you have a problem with, please flag it in the app!

The reports from the app now go directly to our content management team, so they see what needs to be fixed or improved with the translators and native speaker proofreaders: