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Wrong translation

Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for playing Drops and drawing our attention to this error!

We’ll make sure to correct it, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team

I found more mistakes

Thank you @Anastasia_Weiss your reports are really helpful!

We are constantly working on refining the content, and we’ll fix these hopefully soon!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi @Weronika_Richter,

Thanks for adding your finding to this topic!

We really appreciate you take the time to help us to refine and improve the content of Drops!


@ The Drops Support Team

The image from your other message is added here

so we have all error reports at one place.

The word for hot dog and sausage are not the same! Hot dog is נקניקיה and sausage should be נקניק. Also if you are choosing letters to spell out a word, and two of the same letter are there, if you choose one of the letters that is right they will still say its wrong?


2 months have passed, but mistakes are not fixed.

Really? :neutral_face: I was about to buy the lifetime version, but I’m reluctant to seeing this thread where there are so many errors in just one language (that have gone unfixed over two months at that).

Hi @Sniz18,
Hi @Anastasia_Weiss,
Hi @Ayla,

Thanks for playing Drops! Sorry for the delay of the response here!

Unfortunately, it takes longer time than expected to refine and improve all the available languages, but our team works hard with translators and proofreaders to correct and perfect everything, please stay tuned!

We really appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

Also, @Sniz18, can you please message us from the app’s Help section, and tell us more details (with a screenshot if possible) about the issue you experience with two same letters?

Hey, I have had the same issue but you can not really screenshot this.
Also an other problem: in the daily activities section there is a problem with making the wordsearch. Not all the letters are available.

More and more mistakes. I know Hebrew isn’t the most popular language in the world, but… People find mistakes, report and nothing happens for months. Just promises.

I subscribe and pay money for wrong content, it’s a super business idea: just pay and we do it nothing, ha-ha

I also see this a lot.
When having to fill blanks with letters
_ _ _ _ _

Then when there are a list of letter eg.

You can see there are sometimes two copies of the same letter and one is considered wrong and the other right.

See actual example attached where I picked the wrong jod ’

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Italian: “hers” should say “la sua” but it’s showing as “il suo”.

I would like to report two mistakes as showed in the screenshot

I’m feeling frustrated with all these mistakes in Hebrew, that other people are reporting but aren’t getting fixed. I don’t know enough to notice them myself, I only noticed the wedge one because I noticed it was the same as ball.

Team: if you can’t correct the cards, at least take them out of rotation until you can, or I will request a refund

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Is “Hers” and can also be “It’s.”
Is “His.” Also,
Is “Their”(Mas.) So technically it is correct, though it’s important in Hebrew to differentiate between the masculine and feminine forms. They both should be listed side by side, in my opinion.
However you are correct as well.
Is “Their” (Fem.)

I also noticed
As “Them” this is the Masculine form but is also used for mixed company. Whereas
Is used for a group of women (“Them” [Fem.]) Personally I think it’s important that this be noted in the app if it’s not already. @admin

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