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Wrong audio for "i am calling"


In the word list there is the expression “I am calling” “Ich rufe an” translated written as “ja svanju”. The audio says “ja nasivaju”. Both seem to mean “to call”. I am not sure, but “ja svanju” is a telephone call, “ja nasivaju” seems to be used in the same way, but it is also used (example) “I would call it the wrong way”

However: The audio and the text are not the same. I would prefer “ja svanju” :slight_smile:



Thanks for playing Drops and sending us feedback on the content!

We’ll double check the word you called our attention to, and make sure to correct it if necessary, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hello, can you please repair this one? :blush: The audio is still not correct


Hi Lukas,

We are working on refining the content and making sure to correct all errors, including this one. Unfortunately, it takes a while. We really appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team



I just found the issue as well for the phrase “я звоню” the pronounciation says “я называю”

я звоню - to call
я называю - to name

I figured I’d post since the issue is outstanding since September.