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Written text and spoken words differ sometimes


Hi there,

I recently started learning Italian, and so far I enjoy learning with drops.

However, I stumbled upon three drops where the written text differs from what the voice is saying. Of course this is confusing for me.

Here what I found:

Text says: la bevanda gassata
But the voice says: la soda

Text says: il motorino
But the voice says: lo scooter

Text says: penso
Voice says: credo

Can you please fix that?
Maybe as a feature request here:
Would be nice to have the possibility to report such a problem from within the app. This would make it much easier to report issues like this. :wink:



Thank you for writing to us about these errors. We will take a closer look at this and have it fixed asap. At the moment it is only possible to report issue in the Help section, but we will discuss it with the team and see how we can add more option.
Thanks again for your feedback!

@ The Drops Support Team



I found another one. This time in the chapter colors.

For the color gold
Text says: dorato
But voice says: doro



Thanks for calling our attention to this word too!

We’ll make sure to double check and correct it, asap!


@ The Drops Support Team



+1 on the penso / credo error I found too.

I’d like to add an other sound and text mismatch : it says “cinque” for “quinto”.

In what delay will those words be fixed?


Hi @Salim_B,

Yes, we are aware of these unfortunate errors. It takes a while, but we try our best to correct them, as soon as it is just possible, so please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team


Text: io incontro
But voice: incontro



I’m learning italian from polish and found 2 mistakes:

text: lui
wrong voice: ei

italian “il suo” -> polish “ona”
should be
italian “il suo” -> polish “jej”
so polish translation is wrong

Please fix them soon if you can because I want to add these 2 words to my learning list and they are confusing me.

Btw your app is amazing. I love it!