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Words from other topics no longer appear

I think a bug was introduced in the latest update. When learning a topic, words from other topics used to appear occasionally, now they don’t. This is especially noticeable when you start a topic with only a couple of unseen words left. The app will alternate between the two words until they’ve been mastered, where previously they would be mixed together with other words. Please fix this and restore the old behaviour.


Hi @mridgewell,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

Please, send us a message from the app’s Help section referring to #1008 - it could help us a lot in our investigation and troubleshooting process!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

I tried again and this time I saw several words from other topics, so not sure if it happens randomly or was just a coincidence. I’ll let you know if I see any more weird behaviour.

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