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Words Don't match audio in 'tales' topic


The word ‘Jester’ has the audio for ‘troll’. Etc…


Hi @Luke_Taylor,

Thanks for playing Drops, and calling our attention to this!

We’ll double check the word “jester” and make sure to correct the pronunciation, as soon as possible!

Let us know if you run into any other error!


@ The Drops Support Team


It’s not that the pronunciation is wrong, the app is loading the wrong audio. For all the words.


Written Word - Audio

Werewolf - Hero
Jester - Troll
Giant - Werewolf
Villian - Curse
Curse - Storybook

Etc. Etc.


I thought this app was great at first but since coming across these and so many other errors I am actually shocked that you charge people a subscription for this. So many words where the audio does not match the written word. Luckily my intermediate knowledge of the language allows me to spot these errors easily but it must be really confusing for beginners in the language. It’s a shame because the concept/graphics/gameplay are great, but if the content is incorrect a large percentage of the time, what’s the point?


Thanks for the clarification @Luke_Taylor!

We’re sorry you run into these errors, and working on to fix them, as soon as possible to provide you with a high quality, great learning experience!

We appreciate you help us to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team


I noticed you have fixed the errors already, impressive response! I am really impressed with how the new words are sticking! Honestly it is a fantastic app. Thanks.