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White screen. App won't load

I’m loving this app. I paid for a year, but now after about a month of having it, it won’t open. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or how I can get my money back?

Thanks for playing Drops @Dustin_Fisher! Sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

Please make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to your phone!

If you still experience the problem after the update, please let us know and tell us a bit more details!

What steps did you take before you run into the issue? Do you use our main, multi-language app or a language-specific Drops app? Do you use iOS or Android?

I have the same problem. I purchased the full version of Drops.

I have been having the issue on android. I download the app and can open it once. I am able to sign in and use the app normally. However, after using it the initial time, I am no longer able to boot up the app properly. The purple Drops loading screen shows for a while, and then it fades to white and becomes stuck on the white screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but this doesn’t fix the problem.

I get this issue with both the multi-language app and the individual language apps.

I have the latest version of the app.

By the way, I also have the app on an iPad, and the iOS version is functioning normally for me. However it is more convenient for me to use the android version on my phone so I hope to resolve this issue soon.

Thanks for playing Drops @Seb! Sorry for the glitch and inconvenience!

Can you please try to send us a message directly from the app? It can help a lot in our investigation and troubleshooting process.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!

Hi @Dustin_Fisher,
Hi @Seb,

Can you please update the app now? We have released a potential fix. If you still experience the white screen issue, please message us from the app’s Help section (which has also been fixed).

Thank you!