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When Are We Gonna Hear From Drops @admin?

It’s been months since Drops @admin replied to any of the posts in the Thai section.

Are we ever going to hear from you again?


Thanks for playing Drops @Buadhai!

We are hard at work to improve the processes on our end to make sure all issues reported are addressed in a timely manner in the future, and we have been working on fixes and refinements of all languages we offer based on the feedback we have already received.

We highly appreciate the patience!

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I hope you understand how feeble your response is. You are completely silent for over three months and then you offer up a very generic, nonspecific and noncommittal response that deals with none of the many errors and issues in the Thai module raised by me and other users.

You are running a paid subscription service. You owe it to your subscribers to make specific commitments as to what problems you plan to fix and when those fixes will be released.

You also owe us an explanation as to how you made some of your very poor choices.

For example, how did you decide to use a nonstandard romanization for Thai character names? And, why is the romanization different from the audio, which does use the standard Thai character names?

And, how did you arrive at the list of words you are presenting Thai language beginners? As has been pointed out, many of the words you have chosen are, for the most part, useless.

And, finally, do you have any Thai speakers on your support staff who actually understand the questions we’ve been asking and the issues we’ve been raising?

I challenge you to be up front with your subscribers on the serious issues that plague the Thai language module.


Well said, @Buadhai. We’re having the same trouble in Russian: Admin, where are you?.