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Volume balance options required

This app has serious volume balance issues. Please add volume slider bar options in the settings for voice over and separate slider for the sound effects.

I can’t hear the words and the sounds effects are way too loud. I have to have my phone on max volume to hear the words! Max!

Most of my other apps operate at a good audio level of about 30% volume, so then when I switch to use any other app and forget to change it… well yeah. Tedious for something that has such an easy fix.

I find it really hard to believe this is the first time anyone has mentioned this, unless it’s only happening on my phone (stranger things have happened).

Samsung Note 8 user

I’ve just paid money for this app as a donation.

Please help with my issue!

Hi @Jenova,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Please, send us a message from the app’s Help section! It can help in our investigation and troubleshooting process.


@ The Drops Support Team