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Verbs, Adjectives, Activitiy Words, Grammar. For Cards


I would like to have a wish list for the Korean section.
Who is in?

My first shot is the following:

  • could we learn verbs just in base form, please?
  • conjugations and grammar to add into the games
  • could we have the vocabulary linked to a frequency list?
  • adding reverse games - just give the home language and we have to write the word in the target language
  • keep up the good work

Thanks for all hard work and ideas. ์•„์ž!
Best, ์ด์ž.

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Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your suggestions, we really appreciate it! Hope others will join in to your thread!

We always work hard on improving the app, and ideas from our users can help us a lot! :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m sharing your list with the team, weโ€™ll discuss the elements and weโ€™ll see what we can do!


@ The Drops Support Team

You have the Sino numbers in the app now. I Would like to also see the native Korean numbers added. It should be an easy addition.

I would also like to see away to see the list of words for each section and hopefully make it cut and paste able so I can look up word meanings etc outside the app.

And in that word list it would be great if you could checkmark words that youโ€™re having difficulty with and if you redo that section it would concentrate on those words.

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Hi David,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

Weโ€™ll discuss your suggestions with the team, and weโ€™ll see what we can do. We constantly work hard on refining and improving the app and the content, so please stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team