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Vegetables - translation error (jap/french)

Dear Drops community,
In the vegetables

  • Zukkīni is the “la courgette” in french and not “courge”
  • Kabu is the “le navet” in french and not “radis”
    And if you want, “le poivron vert” miss at the vegetables list, it is “pīman” = ピーマン
    Thank you !
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Hi @tapo29,

Thanks for playing Drops and calling our attention to these words!

We’ll have our translators / proofreaders double check them, and correct the mistakes, as soon as possible!

We appreciate you take the time to help us to refine the content in Drops!


@ The Drops Support Team

Also the English word for かぶ is “turnip” instead of “radish” which is だいこん.

Closing this post here and adding the comment to

so we have all feedback on this in one place.