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User guide or replay intro

Is there any way to replay the intro or is there a user guide somewhere?

I can’t remember some of the things the introduction explained - specifically, I swiped a word up to the eye(?) icon and it disappeared. How do I get it back?

Hi @Nylov,

Thanks for playing Drops!

You can find the intro by clicking on the arrow beside a topic:

By swiping up at the new word screen (when a word is introduced) you can remove the word from a topic. It will be listed in the Word Collection, but it will not be available to learn. You can re-enable the word by swiping it in the Word Collection, and tap “unhide”.


@ The Drops Support Team

Hello Gina, thanks for replying.

The arrow you indicate simply continues the topic from where I left off. But, no problem, I understand what I did wrong now.

I see the missing word, grayed out, in Collection but access to Collection is restricted to Pro, right? Again, no problem, it’s a word I can live without.

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