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Turning off reading Thai option


I am trying to learn how to speak but not read or write in Thai.

Is there a way to turn off the reading Thai options. When the app tells me to spell Thua Pistachio in Thai symbols, I only guess because I don’t want to learn to read Thai yet.


Hi @Adam_Selley,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Currently it’s not possible to turn reading off. If you’d like to see it as an option in the app, please add your idea to


where we collect all suggestions from our users.

We can’t give you a time estimate when new features will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving and expanding the app and the content, so please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team

Adam. I know that learning how to read Thai seems superfluous when all you want to do is converse. But, you’ll find that your pronunciation is much improved if you learn to read. No Thai transcription system is very good and the one that comes with Drops is pretty horrible. You don’t really need to study or memorize, just pay attention to the Thai script. It will come.