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Turn off notifications

You can set the time you’d like to receive notifications in the app’s Profile menu.

If you want to turn notifications off completely, you can do so in your phone’s settings.

I would like if it would do the notification at the time it is set in the app …
e.g. I said: 19:05 o’clock in the app, BUT it sends notifications about my new Drop-session at 01:00 o’clock (maybe 12 hours after my last session)

We constantly work on refining and improving the app, including the notifications too, please stay tuned!

Notifications are being sent 4+ times a day, regardless of what i set as my notification time in the app. Like the boy who cried wolf, too much repetition gets ignored (including the emails you guys send) and I’ve had to completely turn them off for my sanity. It’s not an ideal fix.

I have set notifications to 13.00, but my wife wakes up because of the notifications at 6.00 in the morning. After setting to 13.00 my profile still shows: “anytime”? Please fix this.

@Dennis_Piet please send us a message from the app’s Help section referring to #524. It can help us in our investigation and troubleshooting process! We appreciate your cooperation and patience!

My notifications keep multiplying! I now get four separate notifications a day from drops and another two from scripts. (Android 9.0). I don’t mind one silent reminder each day from each app, but this is crazy. Additionally, other apps let me see the priority of alerts in the system settings (e.g. silent) but drops and scripts do not. Please fix this.

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What does that mean - “in your phone’s settings”? Where in my phone’s settings do I make Drops stop notifying me? While I want Drops on my phone, I will remove it if I cannot get my phone to stop notifying me to use Drops.

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