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Tourist goes on a long time!

The Tourist category goes on for a really long time! It’s a motivational trough. It would be helpful to have some conversation instruction or practice before we hit 500 words. I’m at 270 Hindi words, learning maybe 20 new words a day with about 40 mins of Drops. I wish I could do some conversation practice before I get to 500 words. I notice that the excellent Teach Yourself Hindi book starts off with conversation immediately.

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Wait until the jump from Tourist to Conversationalist.

5 HUNDRED words to get from 1 to the other. Talk about motivational trough! Perhaps adding another category between tourist and conversationalist and change up the numbers a little bit.

They probably won’t add any conversation, but it would be nice if there was a “grammar drops” app. This app does vocabulary very well, might be best to stick with this app for vocab and find something else for conversation. It would be unfortunate if they tried to go beyond the vocabulary, but did that badly.

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