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Too many mistakes

Still the article incoherence: why add one (at least in the Portuguese version of drops) where there’s none in Esperanto? That can be confusing for beginners and breaks one of the fundamental rules of Esperanto.
Another thing: the date fruit is called “tâmara”, not “data”. And I remember seeing others but I don’t remember them rn.
Also, why giving us European and Brazilian Portuguese to choose in the app, if the content is ALWAYS in Brazilian Portuguese?
Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have spent any money on this app because you make me feel like I might be learning something wrong and that’s definitely not to get that kind of feelings that I gave you guys money. And it’s sad.


I keep coming across mistakes in the Dutch language course. The Drops team don’t seem interested in correcting or even responding to posts about errors. If the content accuracy doesn’t improve, I may consider requesting a refund. And if Drops don’t want to provide one, I’m sure bank will be more amenable to process a chargeback when I explain they’re selling a faulty educational app.

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It’s a shame. The app looks really good, the way you learn words is great, but it’s worth peanuts if the content itself doesn’t have the same quality as the rest. Content is the core for such an app, not the looks.


They are really not into fixing mistakes. I’ve submitted several mistakes in the Portuguese section, and not one has been fixed, to my knowledge. And it’s really obvious stuff, too, like the written word is about dental work and then the spoken word is about fruit. I’ve concluded that it is pointless to point out errors. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and think it’s useful, but the errors not being fixed really bugs me.


As a Korean language learner, I too have been losing confidence in Drops. Some of the words I have learned have been dismissed as incorrect (or not widely used) by native speakers. As well, IMHO, far too many of the words in the Korean version are Konglish words (English words with a Korean spelling/pronunciation) and I would rather spend my time drilling native Korean words. As a result, I still use the app but less so (and with less confidence) than I used to.


Thanks for playing Drops! We apologize for the frustration, and the delay! We’ve acknowledged and appreciate your feedback!

Please, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

If you still run into the issue you called our attention to or have any other problem with a word, please flag it in the app!

The reports from the app now go directly to our content management team, so they see what needs to be fixed or improved with the translators and native speaker proofreaders: