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Too many anglicisms


There are many anglicism and mistranslations:
“Le pop-corn” should be “mais soufflé”

Le milkshake should be “lait frappé”

Le confiture means jam or jelly spread but is picture is of a freestanding jelly, which is “la gelée”

La coca is shown as meaning Coca-Cola but it means the coca plant. Un soda would be a better word.


French here.

Even if I agree with you on the words for pop-corn and milkshake, a lot of people use those anglicism.
For coca, it should be cola — but again a lot of people say coca because of the brand —, we use it to call all drinks like Coca Cola (so Pepsi, Breizh Cola, and so on), soda is more generic. For instance, it can be Orangina, Sprite, 7up or Coca-Cola.


It also depends where you are, many words like these are different in various regions. Canadian French is fairly different than European.