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The plan just disappear when another account login

My main Google account have a payment issue. So i created another account to purchase the plan.But the plan just crash when i login my main account.And i cant restore my plan.Only my phone have only one account the restore working. It so suck,my main account have lots of info.I cant abandon my main account just because an app.If your company can not solve this problem, i will require a refund.An app can not work in multiple account device.What a interesting situation:)


Thanks for playing Drops and sorry for the inconveniences. Unfortunately at the moment your progress and payment information are attached to one Google account. If you successfully restored your purchase and sync your progress, you should be able to use the app without any problem.

No,if my device have two accounts."not thing can be restrore"will be place after i click restore. If i sign out my main account,i can restore my plan.But the plan will turn into free again when i sign in.

Thanks for playing Drops and sorry for the inconveniences. You should be able to restore your previous purchases on all the devices where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID or Google account. Unfortunately your payment is attached to one account and it can’t be restored with a different one.