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Thai Transcription

Just my humble opinion, but I think it would be easier to learn the Thai characters if you used the standard Thai way of talking about individual characters and used a more standard transcription system. See the attached screenshot. Which choice is correct? Hard to know. But, if you used the standard way of talking about and called it ท ทหาร and transcribed it (for those who need it) as tho thahan it would be easier to learn and easier to figure out which answer is correct on the quizzes.


I’m enjoying the app as a way to learn to speak and recognise (by hearing) Thai words but this issue with written Thai is what is holding me back from spending money on it.

As a tool for learning Thai script, Drops is a very poor tool :frowning:

I have a number of questions:

Has this issue been acknowledged by the developers?
Has a solution been devised?
Has the solution been included in the roadmap?
When will the solution be deployed?

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There hasn’t been anything acknowledged publicly.

I received a private message which I don’t feel comfortable sharing. But, it didn’t offer much real hope that the major revisions required to make the Thai module useful will be implemented any time soon.

I stopped using Drops because of the major problems in the Thai module. I’m now sorry that I purchased a one-year subscription.

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The latin transcription system for Thai is a mess no matter what. All the standard methods (the Royal system, the ISO, etc) all suck and the halfway decent ones aren’t standardized.

Personally I learned the alphabet from Read Thai in 10 Days (which I highly recommend) before using this app with the romanization turned off. This app isn’t really made to teach the Thai writing system… but it is quite good at what it does: expanding your vocab beyond the basics.

Personally I think they should just not even offer the alphabet topics and romanized aids, cause they’re never going to be good enough.