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Thai consonants


I know Thai is the most difficult alphabetic language to learn but it seems your coders just want to pwn us!

The transilliteration is terribad here. Suggest using Royal Thai General System of Transcription ( RTGS ) or ISO11940-2!!!


Hi @DrPhil,

Thanks for playing Drops and sending us feedback!

We currently are working on to refine and improve the Thai course in Drops. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a time estimate when the new, updated version will be released, but please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team


As a Thai learner and one who is embarking on the CELTA qualification, will your team be receptive to feedback?

It feels a bit disappointing that Drops earned App of the Year status but left it’s minor languages feeling unfinished.


We love to receive feedback, @DrPhil, and really sorry about the disappointment!

As I mentioned, we currently are working on the Thai content, to provide you with a high quality learning experience!


@ The Drops Support Team


I agree. I am finding it incredibly frustrating that several of the English answers for different Thai consonants are exactly the same. This means that you’re truly just guessing for some of the solutions. Maybe you could touch the different choices and hear the options before you have to make a choice? Or maybe the English solutions could be more phonetic? I’m actually having trouble seeing the relation between what is written and what I am hearing.


Yeah this is actually blocks learning of alphabet for now … sad story )) just bought 1 month today and wonder of that s//t


As far as I can tell, Admin hasn’t really replied to any posts since mid-December, when an update to the Thai module was promised.

It’s still full of errors.

When can we expect fixes?