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Support for grammar?


First if all, this is a great app one of my favorites for learning vocabulary in a new language! Great from the devs!
While I truly love the way it teaches new words, I also noticed that you don’t have support for grammar. I’ve read the FAQs and I understand that this is a great complementary app for learning a language, do the devs plan on adding support for teaching grammar and structure of the language?

Is this something that the app will be doing in the foreseeable future or is this only going to be an app for vocabulary?

Personally, I would love to see a future update with grammar support but if not, that is understandable.

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Hi @uday,

Thanks for playing Drops and sending us positive feedback! We’re happy to hear you like learning words with us!

We constantly work hard on improving and expanding the content in Drops, but our main goal in the near future will remain to help language learners to strengthen vocabulary.


@ The Drops Support Team