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Streaks Counter/Booted Off and Erased Everything

I start up my app this morning, it freezes and boots me off, says the app stopped. I open it again and it wants me to log in. I log in, it says I have a zero day streak. I have a 150 day streak. I have a screenshot of my 150th day yesterday because it’s apparently so commonplace for this app to screw you over that I started doing it out of habit. I am participating in the 90 Days With Drops Challenge, which I haven’t heard anything from in a while. I already resigned to not winning the damn thing because of some random technicality they come up with since they’re so unhelpful and seem to have regular problems with losing their users progress, but I’ve been diligent and careful and studied every. Single. Day. Only to have this BS happen, and I’d really like my streak restored. They make getting in contact very difficult. I kept tapping the Help section and nothing would happen so now I have to vent about it here and hope somebody actually does something. This counter reset problem should not still be happening! Also, I’m trying to attach my screenshots and it’s not letting me. I’ll keep trying…

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Alright, here’s yesterday’s screenshot. I have to put the other one in a new post since it only lets new users put in one picture at a time. -_-

Here’s what happened today after getting the boot from the app and being asked to log in again. Very discouraging. I tried logging in a couple more times and it never fixed itself.

We apologize for the inconvenience @deercity! Unfortunately, we can’t restore the streak for you, but we are currently working on refining the streak system to avoid such frustrating situations in the future! So sorry!

Make sure you are logged in to the app, so your progress can be saved, and always complete the daily session, so your daily streak can be added. The daily streak gets calculated based on the session length you set.

The challenge is officially over, but our goal was to build a habit of learning, so keep going!