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Streak problems

Hi… I’ve been participating in the Drops 90 day challenge but my streak seems to reset randomly, even though I’ve been using the app every day. When I finish a session, it said ‘streak: 1’, but when I clicked on statistics it said ‘streak: 5’. A similar thing happened earlier in the week when my streak count went from 3 to 1, despite using the app daily (I had screenshots as proof of the time stamp).

Does the streak reset daily or is it every 10 hours? (There’s a timer on the screen once I finish a session, but I don’t know what it is for).

It’d be great if you could fix the streak issues or add clarification as to what the timer is for.


I’m not sure about the streak, but that timer on top indicates your session time.

Hi @Jasmine_H,

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re happy to hear you participate in the challenge as well! :slight_smile:

We constantly work hard on improving the app, including the revamping of the streaks system, please stay tuned for a refined experience!


@ The Drops Support Team

I have a similar issue. It seems to manifest when I start a session but don’t finish it before the 10 hours elapses. For example, last night I had a 4-day streak and accidentally started a new session at bedtime but didn’t finish, and now it’s reset to 1. While the team is working on the fix, maybe I’ll be careful about not starting sessions and see if that prevents streak loss.

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Similar issue, I have 2 days this week where I have done 30 minutes in 2 15 minute sessions, it shows as a streak on the day, then the following days the dat before us reset. So this week I now have Tuesday and Friday showing blank and the rest are lit up,

The logic behind how streaks are calculated and configured by Drops software seems to suffer from several glitches. The Drops developers are aware of these issues, but it would be nice if they could tell users when they expect to have the issue solved.
In response to the answers above, I would like to add that I discovered that streaks are not synced between devices. I had 9 streaks on my iPhone, but when I logged in on my iPad, I did not see any of these. After finishing one session on the iPad, it showed 1 streak, while the number of streaks on my iPhone remained 9 only.

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I experience the same streak breaker when switching devices. (Android)