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Streak bonusses for paying users?

I am a paying user of Drops. Every day I get these popups that I have received a time bonus. When I try to use the bonus time, I simply start a new 10 minute session (my default). I find this very annoying. Can’t you turn of these popups for paying users?


Hi @artemis70,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

When you receive the bonus time, please try to click on Okay in the popup, then click on the right arrow on the bottom of the Streak screen, and the left arrow on the top left of Your Statistics. It should take you to the Topics, showing the bonus time on the top right. If you select a topic, then your bonus time should count down. Sorry for any confusion!

We can’t give you a time estimate when refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving the app, including the streaks and bonuses, so please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team

Come on, guys. It has to,be totally obvious! A screen saying Bonus seconds. Cli ck here to start.
I keep getting reminders for my bonuses and can’t find how to get to them.

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You’re right @Wendyp5 and we’re working on improvements! Please stay tuned!

Add me to the ‘please disable this crap’ list, just started a daily 5min session to notice it is now 8:30, streaks may well be a really super fun idea, but not for me. I like being abke to check what day(s) I have done it, I dislike having time automatically added to my session when I haven’t asked for it. Turn it off. If i say I want a 5min session then i would like a 5min session, not 5:30, not 6min, five minutes.
If you must add features like this then also add an option to disable them please.


Sorry what was it again I that I am supposed to do to stop the extra time, roll up one trouser leg, turn around three times, chant the first line of the last song I heard and then what was it I had to do next?

Now my 5 minute session has become 10 minutes, it still says 5 mins in my preferences but won’t actually honour that.
I am sure I am not the only person who wants a specific duration each time, not a random one, i don’t want to have to leave the ipad for a period until it ticks down to the time i actually asked for!
Please stop it, you have a brilliant product, why must you keep tinkering, if you must, then at least let us turn them off.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @cluttered, we appreciate the feedback!

We keep working on the bonus system and streaks, please stay tuned!

I let it sit there doing nothing for ten minutes to get rid if the unwanted time, it awarded me another fecking 30 seconds so now I have 5:30.
I don’t want this.
If I wanted to do 10 minutes I would select that, if I wanted random sessions I would pick unlimited and stop when the whim took me. I don’t, I want 5 minute sessions. I don’t want to have to let it sit there for whatever extra time it has decided to award me, presumably messing up the stats, i don’t want to have to skip days, the whole point of this is for it to be a simple, achievable regular session.
I understand that It is a nice feature for some people, equally you must understand that there are people for who this is a really awful idea.
Please sort it out and quickly, let me disable this feature.
And if you get any more bright ideas then at least give us the choice to turn them off so those of us that are happy with the product can keep it the same.

Personally not seeing this problem or as a problem.

I’m a paying user so technically I can do 24 hours a day if I wanted to.

When I get the bonus time either
A I have the time and just go back to the main menu and pick a subject which will give me just the 30 second bonus time or
B ignore it, once you go past midnight the clocks reset to your preferred time. As you only want a 5 minute daily then I don’t see the issue.

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Hi, just to add that I’m a non paying user and i would also like to be able to opt out of the bonus time. I like the streak counter but 5 mins is exactly the right amount of time for me. When I hit my full “bonus” time it feels more like a chore to have to use it up.

Thanks for playing Drops @Liz_Aitken!

We discuss this topic with the team, and we’ll see what we can do to give you an option to disable the bonus minutes.

Yeah I know you are already working on it. But just a reminder that I’ve set up a five minut sessions because I wanted five minute sessions. I’m doing two topics for 5 minutes daily and tough word dojo for additional time. I know what I want. Don’t force feed me extra time.

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@artemis70 The best solution forever is to buy the premium version! You will never get pop-ups and time limits to all 32 languages!

@GoogleHello_001. Thank you for thinking with us. The problem I have is that I have the premium version. I do not have a time limit. However, when I have a streak, time is automatically added to my next session. If I can I will have multiple 5 minute sessions on a day. But most days I only have one 5 minute session. The streak bonus “forces” me to have a 10 minute session, or even longer.

As a workaround, I am not maintaining my streak.

Thanks for playing Drops @artemis70!

In order to get your daily streak counted, you don’t need to play until the counter is 0:00. If you have 5 minutes set as your session length, after 5:00 your streak gets counted. The bonus time is stored until you use it all.

We keep working on fine-tuning the reward and streak system.