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Starting Drops as a non-beginner

I really love the idea of this app, and I want to use it to supplement my Cantonese learning.

The problem is, I’ve been learning Cantonese for a year and have no interest in going back and ‘learning’ all these basic words again when I’m very confident with them already.

A great feature would be a proficiency test, something you can take initially to determine your level so Drops knows what words you’ve already learned and can begin you on an appropriately challenging level.


There is a nice feature in the app - or even two: you can indicate at startup, at what level you see yourself. No idea, what it causes, but i guess, it does not start with the very basics then.
Furthermore: going trough the lessons (…it is not thousands of words) you can tell the app, what words you do not want to see again and whichones you want to learn (swipe up or down). You also can “tick” and “untick” words in the list. So the unwanted ones vanish…