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Sound Files Not Loading

Although I do hear the sound word pronuncistions, I continually receive an error reading on the order of " Sound files not loaded". What does this mean? Am I missing out on part of the Drops exorrience?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for the delay for the response and any inconvenience!

Do you still experience trouble with the sound files? If yes, can you please let us know

  • which Drops app you use on what type of device and operating system?

  • what’s your country of residence?

  • are you connected by 3G/4G/Wifi or a different network type?

These pieces of info can help us in the investigation and troubleshooting process.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

I have the same problem. There is no audio files on german language. I’m also learning Korean and Spanish with Drops and this applications dont have such problems.
Im connecting with Wi-Fi.
My country of residence is Russia.
My phone is chinise Huawei Honor 10, operation system is android.
Thank you for your application “Drops” its really helpful and useful in learning.

Hi @Ksuinsp

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re happy to hear you like learning languages with it!

Do you use the language specific apps for German, Korean and Spanish, or you use one app for all languages?

Do you run into any specific error message when you try to learn German?


@ The Drops Support Team