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Some things to fix

Hey Drops guys, how are you!.. I’ve sent 3/4 messages through the help section of my app, and I did not receive an answer… I’ve found several mistakes, some sounds are weird, the sounds don’t match the words; a word doesn’t have its icon at all. I have better translations for some words (Swedish/Spanish). We are in touch :slight_smile:

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Hi Francisca,

Just to make sure we receive your feedback, can you please list the mistakes you unfortunately run into here on the forum as well?

We really appreciate your help to improve the app and the content!


@ The Drops Support Team

The words “dörrlås” and “strömbrytare”, both have wrong audios.
The spanish for the word “kreditkortsbedrägerier” is “fraude crediticio”, is missing a syllable.
For “hennes” I think it should be “suya” because it’s a feminine possessive pronoun. Same for hans, should be “suyo”.
Maybe “det” could be “lo/eso”.
“Bår” is “camilla”, “yeso” is “gips”, I think.

I don’t remember more for the moment. I”ll be back :stuck_out_tongue:.

Guys, would you consider going back to the previous design? It was so much better. It was easy to see the process and the topics were not mixed (between complete and incomplete ones). Please, think about it. Or maybe show the percentage so far (but in each category)

Oh and another idea… add the name of the topic in the language too… I see “alimentos”, “números”, “aeropuerto”, in spanish… knowing that words in swedish would be great!

And sorry if my english is not so good :blush:. Thanks!

Sorry. I forgot to say thank you for adding more words! I love this app :heart:️… I haven’t seen all yet but it looks promising. I’m just thinking… what about add some phrases for daily life? :blush::blush:


Hi again Francisca,

Thanks a lot for listing the errors you unfortunately run into! We’ll definitely double check them, and correct the words if necessary, as soon as possible!

We appreciate your suggestions too, we’ll discuss them with the team, and we’ll see what we can do!

We understand the need for phrases and sentences, but we built the app mainly to encourage users to learn a wide variety of words in a foreign language. We believe, Drops is a great complementary tool as it provides a building block for learners to enhance their vocabulary.

Again, thank you for learning with us, and helping to make the app and the content even better! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi, in Hebrew the audios for פגישה עיוורת and אהבה ממבת ראשון are the same, making sends only for the first one.

Cheers, Cornelia

Hi @Cornelia_Lerch,

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. We will take a closer look at it and fix it asap.

@ The Drops Support Team

Hi Drops Team,

The voice over for el nuez in Spanish need to be done over. It’s spoken low and fast.

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Hey Drops I just noticed something while I was doing Household Items in Spanish. It says La tabla de planchar, but it is shown as la table para planchar, which I am pretty sure is wrong.

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