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Sexist Visuals & Text

I’m studying French. I like Drops. It’s been a great addition to my studies, but I’m disappointed in the kind of sexist visuals & word choices: there’s a waitress, but no waiter–& she’s in heels, as if. All the sports figures are male. It’s not a very modern learning tool. Mix it up, Drops!


Thanks for playing Drops @Dahlila! We really appreciate your feedback!

We have definitely no intention to offend anyone with our illustrations. We can’t give you a time estimate when refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving the app and the content, including illustrations, so please stay tuned!

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Usually, these images are more memorable when it does cross over to exploitative visuals. From a memory point of view this is good. If you read Fluent Forever, it is recommended for better memory retention to attach imagery that has an emotional connection. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the word waitress. Perhaps it could be a feature to attach a visual from a small set of images so as to offer an image that is meaningful to the user.


I don’t know Fluent Forever. I can see your point, but there’s no “waiter” card. & I haven’t remembered waitress, bc I get bummed every time I see it.


SJWs have overused the words sexist and racist so such that they’ve diluted their meaning. THE MAJORITY of people that serve food in a restaurant are women - who sometimes choose to dress up nicely wearing make-up and perhaps even high heels, in order to get better tips. And MOST athletes are men. So stop fighting the differences in the sexes and embrace these differences.


Dear Drops, this guy (above) is exactly the kind of idiocy I’m hoping you might want to help squelch, as you are in essence a teacher.

Also, I just began French: “relations”, & “boss” = “patron” is a man. (I really do like your app, but these visuals are kinda sad for a modern crowd.)

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The issue has upset me, as well. I am a physician, female and all of that- by learning with Drops, I do NOT know how to call myself in French. Good thing I know some French from way back when… because there are several hang-ups like that. My boss is a woman, as well. How do I say that in French? I don’t know it at all- it is a word my school years didn’t cover.
From knowing some Latin, I’d parse it as “matron”… and I’d be probably very very wrong.
Anyhow, mixing and matching the pictures would be really beneficial for a variety of reasons.


Yes! Mix & match. Well put. How do I address my female teacher? My male waiter?–yes, there ARE many! My female boss?


this really is sexist. If we are to be taught the word for waitress we should also be taught the word for waiter, think of all the poor males working in cafes that are missing out on tips because of all the Drops users being deliberately withheld information by the tyrannical matriarchy on how to communicate with a waiter.



Ha! Agree! Not sure a “waiter” would appreciate being called “waitress”. It could start a brawl.

Stop complaining about a FREE language app. Drops is not meant to be an all-inclusive language course. It’s merely a simple app to learn a thousand or so basic vocab words and a hundred or so verbs in the first person present tense. There’s no grammar, no adjectives, no adverbs, no conjunctions, no verb tenses and conjugation, no syntax… The majority of bosses are male - that’s why you learn the word that you’d be most likely to use. Similarly most nurses and waitresses are female - so again, you learn the word that would be most useful in a conversation… Drops doesn’t have the time or the space to teach variations for both genders for every single profession. And it would only create confusion for beginners.

Wow. You must live in a very small world. I live in a big urban city, where plenty of women AND MEN are waiters, & nurses–I JUST came from a dr’s appt at a major US hospital–my doctor is a WOMAN. The nurse who took my vitals was A MAN. Common every day life, in the real world. Get used to it.

Also, I’ve paid for this app. Not free.

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the femal boss in french is “patronne” I don’t know nothing worst than patriarchy


Thank you. Was thinking too that Drop needs an LGBT collection: gay couples, gay parents, etc. How inclusive! :bouquet:

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Dahlila, I really think that Drops and their team have better things to be doing than conforming to your extreme filter for what is considered politically correct. I don’t want any vocabulary relating to left wing LGBT whatever you call it. I just want to learn the relevant terms as I was brought up and have Drops be unbiased. Drops have “Firefighter” rather than “Fireman”. Fair enough. To me “Fireman” is more natural, as is “Postman”. I mean, what would you say? Post officer? Post person? Get a grip.

It’s “le patron” and “la patronne”

there is an issue here in the teaching of the grammar. A waitress and a waiter are clearly different words in English but a rare sample of a change vocabulary that would be replaced by the “wait staff / server” which is non-gendered.
French is a gendered language and it is very difficult to study when only provided one version of the word, in particular if the image doesn’t correspond with the grammatical gender.

In French you would say “le directeur” for a male Director and “La directrice” for a female director. It’s just just about being politically correct, its about actually learning the language.

I’m sorry you have such a small world view. This is information I would like to have, & I think a lot of other people would too.