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Search words and create my own list

Hi, I suggest, that you ad a search funktion to search the words i want to learn. Some words i don‘t find in the lists. Especially verbs like „to kno“ or „to think“ are not easy to find.
I want to add them to my own list for learning.
Thanks for your feedback


Hi @Lukas_Sonderegger,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your idea with us!

We’ll discuss your suggestion about a search function, and we’ll see what we can do!


@ The Drops Support Team

I second this! As a Korean language learner, I would love to be able to build my own word lists. I wonder if Naver has an API for its Korean dictionary - it would be amazing if people could import their word lists from there to Drops. Naver provides pronunciations (often by native speakers) for most words too so that’s a plus… I guess assigning an image might be a problem though… anyway, it would still be great to be able to build one’s own lists from the words already in Drops!