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Scripts Content Already in Drops?

Hi, I purchased Drops and am really happy with it. I then saw Scripts and was excited by the idea of more written Chinese practice. So I purchased that too, thinking there would be around 3000 characters to learn, as there are about that many vocabulary words in Drops. But there are only 300 characters… and they’re the same ones as found in Drops. How do I get a refund on scripts, since I already have Drops and it’s redundant for me?

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for playing Drops, and giving a try to Scripts too! So sorry for any confusion!

The content is currently the same in both apps. A Drops subscription can be used in Scripts too. We are working on it to make it unmistakable, to avoid such situations!

Please, message us from the Scripts app’s Help section, and we’ll assist you further to sort this out!


@ The Drops Support Team