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Same word different pictures in one category

The word “io spremo” is present twice in the category “Exotic fruits” with to different pictures. The two words translate in french in “Je presse”. That’s a bit confusig when the app presents the two images as te same time and you don’t know which one to select :slight_smile:

The problem is not present when the native language of the app is English because the two italian words are translated by “I squeeze” and “I press”. Maybe the french translation or the italian one could be improved ?

Hi @David_Tischmacher,

Thanks for playing Drops and calling our attention to this problem!

We constantly work on refining the content. We’ll double check the illustrations, and make sure to solve this confusing issue, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team

I think it should be “io spremo” for I squeeze as “io spingo” or “spingo” for I push.