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Sa when it should be son

Also for the female version it does show the word sa, but it is pronounced as son.

Actually, it could be both “sa” or “son”.
Contrary to English, where the possessive pronoun reflects the person (gender) owning the object, in French it reflects (gender) the object.

For instance:

Mathieu a laissé son manteau et sa casquette. // Mathieu forgot his jacket and his cap.
Marine aime beaucoup son nouveau jeu vidéo. // Marine likes her new video game.


Yes son/sa refers to the object being masculine or feminine. Sa= female, and son= male. However, is the picture referring to the male or the “house” (la maison) he is holding. Furthermore, at this stage most people haven’t learned the word for house yet and so wouldn’t understand that it is female.

Basically what I am trying to say is that this combination of the picture “man holding house” and sa can lead to confusion/ misunderstanding. Also when the word sa is show and the picture showing a girl holding …(I forgot) then the right answer is pronounced as son.


Maybe this picture is more clear as to what I mean


I’m having a difficult time here too. Thanks for explaing that the object of interest is feminine/masculine, not the person holding it. That helps. :blush:

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