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Rewards that are not as stated


After finally receiving time for referring 2 people (following an unpleasantly protracted struggle), I discovered that this reward time cancels the 5 minutes sessions and the bonus time for watching ads. So in reality, depending how fast one uses this time, it can come out to almost nothing.
I contacted Help with this and after a (good) while the conclusion seems to be that this is the way things work with Drops.
What a disappointment to get things that turn to be much less than stated.
It doesn’t give a good feeling about the mentality and ethics of the enterprise either, despite the fun learning and the beautiful icons.


Bien dit Annie! C’est décevant!


I still don’t received my bonus for referring my boyfriend.
Same as you, when I earn the daily bonus and, after that, watch ads, nothing happens, not a minute longer. This is frustrating.
Well… I’m joining this forum just because I’m having some trouble with the app. When I watch the ads and nothing happens, I swear that I think about uninstall the app, because I don’t earn extra minutes of studying for helping Drops. The same situation is happening with my boyfriend. Please, Drops, fix it!


I’m so sorry for you, this kind of things is very frustrating. At least I get 1 minute more when I watch an ad. Usually. :roll_eyes:


Tu as vécu la même chose?


Thanks for playing Drops @Spacec4t @ELiJoly and @Miratta and sorry for any inconvenience!

We keep working on refining the rewards system, so stay tuned!

If you still have trouble with the bonus please message us from the app’s Help section, so we can help you to receive extra time.


Hey, thanks for the reply! However, I had to fight so much and for so long to get the 40 minutes I was promised that I am not ready to do that again, ever. At least not for some minutes.
But then, don’t count on me either to refer you more people.