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Review mastered words


I’ve been using Drops for about a week. I’ve “mastered” several categories by doing 5-10 minutes a day, but I suspect I’m not alone when I say I’ve mostly forgotten the words in the first couple of categories I learned.

Does Drops offer some way of reviewing words that I have supposedly “mastered”? Other apps I’ve used offer a spaced repetition system to test words less and less frequently when I continue to get them right; Drops could really use such a study aid.

As it stands now, my experience of Drops is a fun tool for learning a handful of words at a time, and then forgetting them. I hope this is improved in future!


Thanks for giving a try to Drops @sentience!

You can review the words or restart a topic in the Word Collection. Also, you can practice the “hardest” words in the Dojo. These features are available for Premium subscribers.

We can’t give you a time estimate when the SRS system will be refined and introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving the app, so please stay tuned!