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Review mastered words

I’ve been using Drops for about a week. I’ve “mastered” several categories by doing 5-10 minutes a day, but I suspect I’m not alone when I say I’ve mostly forgotten the words in the first couple of categories I learned.

Does Drops offer some way of reviewing words that I have supposedly “mastered”? Other apps I’ve used offer a spaced repetition system to test words less and less frequently when I continue to get them right; Drops could really use such a study aid.

As it stands now, my experience of Drops is a fun tool for learning a handful of words at a time, and then forgetting them. I hope this is improved in future!


Thanks for giving a try to Drops @sentience!

You can review the words or restart a topic in the Word Collection. Also, you can practice the “hardest” words in the Dojo. These features are available for Premium subscribers.

We can’t give you a time estimate when the SRS system will be refined and introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving the app, so please stay tuned!

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Sentience, I agree with you regarding forgotten words from the first lessons. I like the collection option, but I would like to see the words in my native language without the translation of the language I am learning shown. Then have a button that I could press which would display the translation. Or vice versa. Right now you can see both the English word, and in my case French word, side by side, that doesn’t help me as I need you to make it harder for me to stretch my memory.Thank you, Drops staff, for considering this feature change.

I’m new to the community boards. I’m just trying to find a way to review the words/categories I’ve learned so far. There doesn’t seem to be one other than a list. I’m going to be really bummed if reviewing is a higher subscription. I like drops, but that wld be so uncool.

Ok. I found that I can restart each collection I’ve learned over again, which isn’t bad, but I guess we then lose our progress. I agree with other posts that we need a “mixed up” review of the words we’ve learned. I do like the way Drops works, but need review to learn. thanks.