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Review ALL words and letters

Please add a system for reviewing all words in all categories. I paid for the year membership but now am kind of regretting that due to the lack of this seemingly obvious feature. Thanks…

Thanks for playing Drops @cantoryakov!

With a Premium subscription, you can review the learned words in the Word Collection:

Also, you can restart a topic there, if you want.

If you have trouble with this feature, please message us from the app’s Help section, and tell us more about your experience.

no, i mean a “shuffle all” mode that MIXES all of my vocab together unpredictably. SRS.


Thanks for the clarification @cantoryakov!

We currently work on updating the SRS in Drops. Stay tuned!

Seconded! I also find this frustrating. The dojo doesn’t practice many words and sometimes the ones you feel like you need more practice on aren’t necessarily the ones that appear. I feel like being able to weave the trickier words in with the easier words would help my learning. Love the app overall though :slightly_smiling_face:

Staying good in a language requires training your entire vocabulary and not only the last words from the chapter you are currently training. Do you have a timeline as to when this feature will be added to Drops?

Thanks for playing Drops @AlexWayhill! We can’t give you a time estimate when the Dojo refinements will be released, but please stay tuned!