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RaomanJi a No go ?

こにちわ 、has anyone heard of SwiftKey keyboard 、 if you use it you can install Japanese language & as you write it can translate interchangeably 。。。。 brilliant !

anyway I make this post to ask anyone on their perception regarding romanji ?many Japanese say do not learn romanji if you want to learn Japanese properly !

what do you think ?


i know swiftkey, its installed by default on my sony xperia, but i use google GBoard.
there is also an japanese keyboard available.

i just startet learning japanese 5 days ago, so i didn’t use this but i’m not sure,
what do you mean by “do not lern romaji”

i disabled the menu option in Drops, because i couldn’t concentrate on reading the kana because it’s much easier to read romaji and choose the correct picture :slight_smile:

i think you must “use” romaji for writing. i also use the app Scripts and for “offline learning” i write the romaji on a page in my notebook and then practice the writing of japanese signs on that page

i couldn’t imagine a way to connect the sound of a sign without writing it down in romaji


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Доброго дня. Согласна с bsdev.at, если хотите учить японский, отключайте романдзи. Используйте только кану и кандзи.

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