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Radicals / frequency list study and import/export

Scripts is great for teaching some radicals but some of us only want to learn to read not write.

It would be great if Drops could teach in a frequency order, or radical order or component order. That way we are learning the most useful things first.

It would be nice if the 2 apps talked to each other actually.
It would also be nice if the things we are learning can be noted and studied elsewhere too. If I could import and export data that would be great.


  1. radical / components catagory please
  2. frequency list order catagory please. It’s nice to study by your interests but it’s also nice to study in the fastest way
  3. link scripts to Drops. Ability to practice writing the vocabulary you just learnt.
  4. be able to save your progress to a text file or something
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Dear @Jago25_98,
Regarding point 4, just kindly request Drops.
Check the app’s Conditions and Privacy Policy, more in particular what it says about Right to Access and Right to Data Portability.