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Put Tomato in the Fruits section

This isn’t super important, but the Tomato is in the vegetables section, at least in Icelandic. A tomato is a fruit: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/explore/is-a-tomato-a-fruit-or-a-vegetable/

So they say. But this went into debate in the 90s about switching it from vegetable to fruit. So to many, it will always be a vegetable. Though, I am always curious to see under what listing someone would put it under.
Okay lookied it up. So officially, it is botanically classified as a fruit but culinarally classified as a vegetable. Hmmm, I guess this dual classification is why corn and peas fall under vegetable when they botanically are not.

Thanks for playing Drops @Caustic_Console! As @Andria_G says, it’s not very obvious where tomato belongs.

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