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Purchased a subscription

I purchased a year’s subscription yesterday (6/12/2018) but it still asks me to go premium

How do I apply my purchase to the app so it shows I have a premium account?


Here is the receipt of my purchase

- image removed by admin -

Hi @Robin_Lee,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

In order to make your subscription work, please try to go through these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the same Drops app that you made your purchase in.

Besides our main app we created different apps for specific languages. You can check the logo / name of the application in the receipt to see which one you purchased the subscription in. (It’s our main app in your case, as I can see in the receipt.)

  1. Try to log out of the application and log back in again with the same provider you used first.

  2. Make sure you are logged in to your device with the same Google ID you made your purchase with.

  3. Tap Restore purchase in the app’s Profile menu.

If you still have trouble accessing the Premium features, please message us from the app’s Help section referring to #1089, and attach there the receipt of your purchase you received from Google. We’ll sort this out for you!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!

In order to protect privacy, I’m removing the receipt from your post above.


@ The Drops Support Team