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Purchased 1 year premium acc, but cannot use it

Hey there,
I really like your app and purchased a one year premium acc. But I am not able to use it. I tried to log in and out several times and installed the app again. I think the main problem ist, that I purchased the 1 year acc. with my Facebook ID. But now I cannot log in with it. When I try to log in with the Facebook ID, it says that I should used another provider… So what can I do now? Thx a lot in advance. Yours Michael

Hi @Michael79,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Please, send us a message from the app’s Help section, and attach there the receipt of your purchase.

We’ll assist you further, and make sure to sort this out for you!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi there,

I have this same issue, purchased in November and have been trying to get help with ZERO resolution for months now. I have not yet been able to actually use my premium subscription and have been ignored by customer service.

Can someone help?

Hi @halliebrewer,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for the delay of the response here, and any inconvenience!

As we can see, you have a valid yearly Premium subscription attached to your Drops account.

Please, instead of using your gmail email and password (as it is shown in one of the screenshots in your ticket), try to log in to Drops by using Google Sign In. The subscription belongs to the account you created with Google Sign In.

Let us know if this suggestion helps, or you need further assistance!

Again, sorry for all the frustration this caused!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi @halliebrewer,

We’ve received your question

“Can you please do something to reset the clock on this annual subscription, given the months it’s taken to get help?”

Your payment and subscription are handled by Paddle, and we don’t have access to them, so we are not able to reset the expiry date, sorry! Please, message us again when the subscription expires, referring to this conversation, and we’ll make sure to figure out something to provide you with extra time.

Also, let us know if the suggestion to log in with Google Sign In helped to access the Premium features.


@ The Drops Support Team

I’ve been trying to get help through the app for a couple of weeks now with no response. I’m trying to switch my login method to email/password as I want to dump facebook. Can you please help?

Thanks for playing Drops @tlarvenz!

We constantly work hard on improving the app, including account management refinements, so please stay tuned!

It’s currently not possible to connect your account to an email address that you used previously in connection with Facebook.

Please try to create a new Drops account with a different email (not the one connected to your Facebook) on the very same device you currently use, so your progress and subscription should be automatically synced.

I tried that and it did not allow me to restore my purchase. It seems to create a new account, asks me to sign in with my iTunes account, but doesn’t see that I’ve already purchased the subscription. This was on the same device as was originally used for the purchase.

Please, message us from the app’s Help section @tlarvenz referring to #956 and send us the receipt of your original purchase!