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Purchase deals for 1,3,5 languages not all 32

I would not mind purchasing Drops for one language (currently Polish) maybe even a three deal (brush up on my French and Japanese) or even possibly five (why not pick up two more?).
However, I absolutely do not need all 32. And truthfully why would anyone want to do a monthly subscription to all 32 at a time? How feasible is it to learn all at once?
I would like to make a purchase to support you (though so far you seem to have an extreme lag for fixing errors (the Polish Pronouns section is still a huge mess)) but it just is not financially responsible of me to purchase all 32, especially when I have a few other language apps that I purchased for a much lower price or are even free.
As of right now I’m perfectly happy using drops 10min a day instead of making a purchase at the current offer.
I hope you reconsider your current plans.
Thank you.


Same here! I am learning only 1 language. I will not pay such a high price to only use 3% of the app. Please provide other options so we can purchase from you with reasonable financial sense. I’d be happy and willing to purchase something for just 1 language!


Thanks for playing Drops @Andria_G!
Thanks for playing Drops @Lisa_Maloto!

While the Premium subscription gives you access to all available languages to learn, it also provides you with ad free unlimited time, and unlocks all topics for you, makes the Word Collection, Dojo, progress reset, and offline access available.

We understand your point though. We’re consistently changing our pricing to make it more suitable for the different learning needs and for the ever growing content we offer.

We constantly work hard on improving, and your feedback is appreciated!