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Problems in Cantonese

Hi, I found some problems in Cantonese.

  1. mixed up with Chinese.
    ->[Bodypart] toenail: it is written in Cantonese, but its sound is Chinese.

  2. Just reading Mandarin word in Cantonese accent, but it is not Cantonese.
    -> I found lots of words are not correct Cantonese, but just pronounce chinese character for mandarin word in Cantonese. For Example, [Pronouns] he is 他(ta1), if it was Mandarin, it is correct, but in Cantonese, it should be 佢(keui). Another example, [Transportation] 我騎單車 is also mandarin word just written in Traditional Chinese character, however, it should be 踩單車 in Cantonese.

I noticed these problems because I’ve learned in another place. I just learned a bit, and found so much problems. I can’t help thinking there are much more problems that I don’t notice yet. I can’t trust this app anymore.

By using this app, I can learn how to pronounce Chinese character in cantonese accent, but what I want to learn is Cantonese words which I can use in daily conversation.

The design of this app is great, and it’s fun.
But these problems are critical. I think you don’t know the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Hi @Haru,

Thanks for giving a try to Drops! We’re sorry for any error and inconvenience!

We work hard to perfect and solidify our content, and major updates are coming, please stay tuned!

We appreciate you take the time to send us constructive feedback!


@ The Drops Support Team

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