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Problem with streak count


Hi, my app updated today to show the new layout for the streak counter and I noticed that my streak is broken even though I have done my 15 minutes every day (it shows that I skipped yesterday which I know I didn’t skip). Is there a way to fix this? I’m doing 90 Days With Drops and I don’t want to lose my streak.


Hi @Lindria_Oosthuizen,

Thanks for playing Drops and participating in the challenge!

Please, message us from the app’s Help section, referring to #2172! We’ll take a closer look at your progress, and see if we can do anything in order to get your proper streak displayed!


@ The Drops Support Team


I’m having a similar issue and found that logging out and logging back in shows your correct streak, but I’ve had to do this every day since the problem started (right after drops implemented the streak counter update). I’ve put in a help request through the app and haven’t heard anything back. In an effort to try to not lose progress, I installed the app on another device, but when I log in there it won’t update my streak counter to the correct number. So that’s another problem…


App have problem with syncing streak count and learned words. This is my 2 problems, it is not big, but is problem.

I register in settings app with email. But when i uninstall app and after install and login with email streak start with first day. (but real was maybe 8-9). App need sync streak after login.

I start learn “category words (sport)” - i learn maybe 5 word, but i must change mobile phone and “Drops” after login with email on new phone dont sync learned words from this uncomplete category (sport). I must start category again with this 5 words. Off course with new phone again problem with syncing streak, i must start with day 1.


Hi @MegatronSK,

Thanks for playing Drops! Please, send us a message from the app’s Help section! It can help in our investigation process to see what is happening with both your learnt words and streak after changing device / logging back in to the app.


@ The Drops Support Team