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Problem with some words

Hi I am learning the Hebrew language. I have learned the Hebrew alphabet. Now in the Hebrew alphabet there are letters that look similar from the beginning to the end of the sentence but are pronounced different. For example ( I can’t wright in the Hebrew language but I will try my best to explain) for the letter P (pe) which is written different, it has a dot in the middle of the letter. For the letter F (fe) which is the same letter has P (pe) but has no dot. Now in the alphabet section it shows this. When I go to the topics to learn the words, u have words with P (pe) and F (fe) which is written in the Hebrew Language, but it’s not showing the dot. The dot for the letter P (pe) tells me that it’s P not F. This is very confusing without the dot and there are a lot of other words similar to this situation. If u could go through the Hebrew Language and update this problem, that would be great and a lot easier to read the language.

This app is working great by the way, learning new words that I never knew before in a second.

If you could just fix this proble, that would be great