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Press to continue

When you select a right option, it shows the green tick - and then for a second, it shows the correct picture with the correct translations. Then it automatically goes to the next question.

Would be nice to have a function where you have to press the screen for it to move on. So you can spend time looking at the correct answer and studying the correct match. And when you’re ready to move on in your own time , you can. Thanks

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I would like this too. It would especially be useful for the really long words in languages that have other scripts that are hard to memorize when it only stays up for a second. The non premium users don’t have the option of word review. Example, how am I supposed to memerorize the spelling of this when it only stays up for a split second?
الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
I can’t! That’s why I had to copy it from google translate just now, because I cant learn it from this app despite the fact that I’ve seen it flash on the screen many times :sweat_smile:

I have a ‘premium’ account I believe, and the feature is not there either (I think!)

The third tab in the bottom of the screen that says Collection lets you review all your words. Non paying people can only scroll partially down the list before a pop up comes up saying that it’s a Premium feature. I have no problem with paying for apps, but I don’t like any of the subscription model options available.

Ahhh yes, you are right. I suppose there is that review feature. It would still be nice to have the option to review when playing games though - and pressing the screen to move on!