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Please review the audio and text files in Brazilian Portuguese

I am actually really happy with the whole system of the app so I decided to buy the full version. Unfortunately I now have to see that there are several issues with wrong audio files and wrong text files. First it was one: “a baguete” has the audio file of “implante do dente” but now I am experiencing several more so I will just ask you kindly to review the files of Brazilian Portuguese. I would have no problem doing it myself over the forum but I imagine you actually have people for that and since it actually disturbes my learning flow…
I hope to not sound to mean but I imagine you understanding my problem.
Best regards
A. Futyma

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I’m sorry to bother again but I tried to start the vocabulary from last section which are sports in hope there wouldn’t be any errors and again I found you translation for “eu vim” which would be “I came” but its shown as “I come” which is an major error that one could simply addapt if not knowing the language as well! Please review all the files or at least include an option to report error in the app itself!

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for playing Drops and sending us feedback! Your messages are definitely not mean, but constructive and on point!

We’re sorry for any error and inconvenience! We’ll revisit the words, and make sure to correct them, as soon as possible!

We appreciate you take the time to report your findings, and help us to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi @Adrian_Futyma,

We’ve received your message

One more request:

Can you please keep me up to date whether or when you do the corrections. I will keep my studies on with another application in the meantime.

Thank you

and are responding here, if you don’t mind!

I can’t give you a time estimate when the mistakes will be corrected, but please stay tuned! Also, we’ll keep you posted here about content updates!


@ The Drops Support Team

do you have a timeline for the fixes, it is more than a month since this has been reported.
wrong translations should not happen in a app dedicated to learn words

if you do not have a timeline for an actual fix , can you at least disable all wrong translations, so people do not learn wrong words?

Hi @sz999,

Thanks for playing Drops!

We constantly work hard on refining and improving the content for all the available languages we teach. We are aware of these unfortunate errors, and hopefully soon we can release the updated, corrected version!

Please, stay tuned! We appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi Drops team,

Just found some more errors
Please check for
dente de alho

Would it make sense to offer a native speaker to review the whole vocabulary?


Hi @Georg_Krug,

We work with native speaker translators and proofreaders, and working hard to refine the content in all languages, as soon as possible!

We appreciate your feedback! Keep playing Drops, and let us know if there’s anything you would suggest us to improve on!


@ The Drops Support Team