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Please rearrange the words

Hello drops team
It would be a great idea to rearrange the words in other ways than based on their classification.

For example there should be a Dutch course containing the most common 100, 500,1000,1500 and 2000 words.
That would be much easier more efficient to get familiar with the language.
And it is really useless to memorize some words (e.g. exotic fruits) and they will be forgotten because they are rarely used in daily Dutch conversation.
Thanks :blush: .

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That goes for any language. You might want to learn how to say yes/no/hello/goodbye/thank you and please first. Right after that, you want to know how to order in a restaurant, but guess what… That topic is the very last one to unlock in de food section :thinking:

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Hi @Nawzat_Shafeeq,
Hi @Dennis_Piet,

I’ve just added this topic to the Feature Requests, where we can see all requests at one place.

We constantly work hard on improving the content, and appreciate your suggestion. We’ll see what we can do to rearrange the words / topics.


@ The Drops Support Team