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Please consider discounted upgrade from yearly to lifetime

Wanted to try it so I bought the yearly and within a couple of days decided it was good enough to get a lifetime. You should offer a discount or credit toward lifetime to those who buy the annual and soon thereafter decide to upgrade. Either a prorated credit of the yearly fee, or a 20% discount on the lifetime.

It’s good for you as well as your users, because they’ll be more enthusiastic in the first month and likely to buy; whereas they may lose interest before the year is up. Otherwise, a user who has bought a one year subscription will feel compelled to wait until the year is up before buying another year (or a lifetime), because they don’t want to feel like they’ve wasted the ne year purchase.


I absolutely agree with this… I bought an annual subscription and would like to upgrade to lifetime, but I feel like I wasted the money I sent on the annual subscription then. Without a discount, I definitely wouldn’t purchase lifetime for at least the year. If a prorated lifetime subscription was available, I would choose it right away.

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