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Please add a "review" mode

There doesn’t seem to be a way to test myself on everything I’ve learned on a particular language. I’ve started taking drops of Japanese, and learning hiragana but I cannot test if what I’ve learned two days before has stuck.
Would it be possible to add category that will just ask for the translation of a random word you have already learned ?


Does the tough word dojo not provide older words in it?


Good thought @Frank_Roquemore, the Tough Word Dojo helps you to practice the words you can’t remember that easily. It does not provide exactly the same function that @Nathanael_JULIEN is looking for though.

We’ll discuss the suggestion about the review / random test option, and we’ll see what we can do!


@ The Drops Support Team

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Yes! We have to be able to review or tthat learned info will vanish.

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I’ve been wanting a review or test feature as well, and going back to older courses and having an auto pass after 3 fails is annoying when practicing the writing.

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