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Pictures in Weather too similar

There are several words under Weather which have very similar pictures.
雨 and ι›¨γŒι™γ‚‹, Rain and it Rains.
ι›ͺ and ι›ͺγŒι™γ‚‹, Snow and it Snows.
ε€ͺι™½ and ζ™΄γ‚Œγ‚‹, Sun and it’s Sunny.

It somewhat of a hindrance to the flow to tap the picture for the word in English.


I had the same issue with other languages. Pictures looked too similar to me

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I had the same issue too in other languages.

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Suggestion : maybe a way to differentiate the verbs from the nouns would be to animate the pictures of the verbs ? ( ι›¨γŒι™γ‚‹, ι›ͺγŒι™γ‚‹, ζ™΄γ‚Œγ‚‹ )

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